Recognition and Celebrations

SWIM tickets can be earned as a class or individually for showing PBIS behaviors.  When a class works together to show SWIM behaviors, they will be acknowledged as a class with a Note by ANY staff member, including Homeroom Teacher.  When an individual earns a Ticket, he/she puts it in the classroom PBIS Box for a chance to be chosen in the morning  for a PBIS prize from Mrs. Martin.
When giving a SWIM Ticket, staff verbally acknowledges the behavior and circles the SWIM characteristic being demonstrated.
At the end of each 9 weeks students that have been “SWIM”ming in good behaviors get to participate in the PBIS celebrations. These celebrations are determined by the PBIS team.


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Part of the PBIS implementation process is to have a clear definition of what expectations are and what procedures are in place when expectations are not followed.  We have always had discipline procedures in place and defined in our Student Handbook.  The PBIS team has taken those procedures and created a plan to ensure that we are more consistent school wide and we are all following the same steps to make sure we are “SWIM”ming in good behavior!

We have been working diligently to streamline our discipline procedures and make it easier to understand for staff, parents, and students.  We have developed a behavior log that will be used in classrooms to document negative behavior and to help students become more aware of areas to improve on.  We will also be using a behavior contract with students who need extra support to stay on a positive track and help students work on personal goals to increase SWIM behavior.

Our discipline policies are the same as are written in our Student Handbook, but below is a brief overview of our PBIS program:

Behavior Log

The purpose of the Student Behavior Log (SBL) is to further promote consistency by utilizing one universal form of documenting “minor” student behavioral concerns.  The SBL does NOT replace office referrals or Classroom Management systems. The SBL is a SUPPLEMENTAL tool and a bridge between Classroom management and office referrals.  Parents should be contacted by the teacher is a student is written on the behavior log.

Office Referral Process

A staff member may refer a student for office discipline when:

  1. After student has accumulated a full Student Behavior Log (SBL) = 3 incidents
  2. After attempts to solve the problem with the student and the parent have failed.
  3. If offense is extreme. Examples include but are not limited to:  If students are fighting, possession of a weapon or look-a-like weapon, possession of an illegal substance.

“Major” and “Minor” Violations:


  1. Difficulty Adhering to Rules and Procedures- walks around the classroom during inopportune times, talks loudly in the halls, crawls on the floor in the classroom, exhibits inappropriate behavior in the bathroom, exhibits inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria, difficulty starting the school day.
  2. Negative Attitude Toward Learning- lacks motivation puts forth minimal or no effort in classwork takes no pride in work inattentive during instruction difficulty staying on task.
  3. Difficulty Demonstrating Responsibility- does not consistently do or return homework, does not do or complete classwork, is not prepared for class (no supplies), does not get to class on time.


  1. Defiant/Compulsive Behavior Toward Adults- talks back, refusal to follow instructions, displays disrespect when reprimanded or corrected (pouting, walking away, etc.), difficulty taking responsibility for consequences.
  2. Defiant/Compulsive Behavior Toward Peers- fights or pushes others, bullies (verbal – using inappropriate language and put-downs; physical) inability getting along with others, gets out of seat bothering others.